A Complete Differentiation Between Backpackers Versus Glampackers

 Backpacking can be described as traveling to a destination without any plans. It is basically a type of low cost, independent travel. People who follow this type of traveling always prefer public transportation and reasonable lodgings like a youth hostel. They can be from all ages, background, financial status and cultures. In the case of Glampackers, they are people with a bigger budget who won’t make the sacrifice in terms of clothes and shoes, unlike backpackers. Their objective is to travel for recreation and they prefer boutique hotels and comfortable accommodation.  To travel a fun filed trip make reservations with Delta Airlines Reservations and experience a trip like never before.

Difference between Backpackers and Glampackers

 Let’s give a look regarding the major difference between backpackers and glampackers. To enjoy the full worth of your money, take flight with Delta Airlines Flights and encounter something wonderful.


  • Backpackers: They will pack up everything that fits into their pack. They are least bothered about style and they are just concerned about carrying their essentials.
  • Glampackers: They are just bothered about fashion while traveling and if clothes do not fit into their pack, they will worry about it and buy a new bigger pack. Unlike backpackers, they are just not concerned only about essentials.


  • Backpackers: They are traveling in order to experience adventure. They are not bothered whether they are staying in a hostel or just camping around.
  • Glampackers: They are not ready to sacrifice comfort because of traveling. They don’t mind spending on high profile hotels in order to get a good night sleep. They generally go for boutique hotels.

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  • Backpackers: They are just not bothered about picking souvenirs for their loved ones as they are on a tight budget. They won’t spend time on souvenir shopping and rather go for camping.
  • Glampackers: They try to get things wherever they go that includes souvenirs. They don’t care about the money just want to carry memento at home and for others.


  • Backpackers: They enjoy a good meal but they don’t want to spend their money only after it. They would help out in a restaurant for a free meal or have dinner with a local family.
  • Glampackers: They want to experience as much as possible. So, they try to spend their money on swanky hotels as they get an assurance of a good meal.

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