Captivating ‘Must-know’ Facts about Toronto

Toronto is a city situated in Ontario in Canada and its most populous city, also highly-favored by travelers and visitors alike. It is an incredible city, with a vast diversity in culture from a number of different ethnic groups. The city is known for its soaring skyscrapers and unbelievable outdoors, and some really cool facts; we’ll see what they are in here!

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Some of the many interesting facts about Toronto are as follows:

  1. It is referred to as the world’s fourth most livable city.
  2. The city has more than 8000 restaurants.
  3. It is the world’s second most competitive business global city.
  4. It also ranks as the world’s twelfth economically powerful city in the world.
  5. The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada, home to over 16,000 animals of 491 species.
  6. It is known to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world.
  7. The city is home to about 1,600 named parks.
  8. It is also famous for having more than 70 film festivals.
  9. It is said that 25% of Hollywood films are actually filmed in the city.
  10. Yonge Street in Toronto is regarded as one of the longest streets in the world.
  11. The city owns about 52 outdoor skating rinks.
  12. It is regarded as the safest metropolitan city in North America.
  13. The city shelters about 10 million trees.
  14. Most of the city’s universities are well-known globally.

No wonder it is considered as one of the best cities to live in as well to visit. At least once in your lifetime!

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Tips to Plan Your Business Travel like an Expert

These days the life of modern entrepreneurs is action-packed and hectic. For them, every moment is about old businesses to flourish and thrive so they spend a good part of their life on the go. Airports are all about jet-setting businessmen and women off to their next big meeting or coming back home from a business trip. Travel is an essential part of every entrepreneur’s life. This blog deals with how to go for a successful business trip. Go for Delta Airlines Deals and get discounts on plane tickets.

 Points Regarding Business Travels

Delta Flights Reservations

 There are plenty of points to be followed while preparing for a business trip. Some are selected and enlisted below. With Delta Airlines Flights, pay less and see more.

  1. Plan your trip: An entrepreneur does meticulous planning when it comes to going for a trip. The trip always has to be planned by keeping in mind business needs as well as personal needs.
  2. Book your flight: It is important to book the flight by keeping in mind unforeseen delays. With the margin of time, one can check into the hotel and prepare for a meeting or take a few personal moments for resting. With Delta Airlines Flight Tickets get a rebate on your reservation.
  3. Book your hotel: It is important to book a hotel by keeping comfort in mind but the location is a priority. If the business requires overnight stay then the hotel has to be near the destination where the meeting is held.

Delta Flights

  1. Book local transport: It is important to book transport prior to the trip. With an app-based cab, it is easy to book transport as it helps to schedule pick-up and drop-off in advance. This helps to avoid last-minute delays.
  2. Research your destination: It is important to research a destination moment you are going for a business trip. It is necessary to get information regarding the places you are visiting.

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A Complete Differentiation Between Backpackers Versus Glampackers

 Backpacking can be described as traveling to a destination without any plans. It is basically a type of low cost, independent travel. People who follow this type of traveling always prefer public transportation and reasonable lodgings like a youth hostel. They can be from all ages, background, financial status and cultures. In the case of Glampackers, they are people with a bigger budget who won’t make the sacrifice in terms of clothes and shoes, unlike backpackers. Their objective is to travel for recreation and they prefer boutique hotels and comfortable accommodation.  To travel a fun filed trip make reservations with Delta Airlines Reservations and experience a trip like never before.

Difference between Backpackers and Glampackers

 Let’s give a look regarding the major difference between backpackers and glampackers. To enjoy the full worth of your money, take flight with Delta Airlines Flights and encounter something wonderful.


  • Backpackers: They will pack up everything that fits into their pack. They are least bothered about style and they are just concerned about carrying their essentials.
  • Glampackers: They are just bothered about fashion while traveling and if clothes do not fit into their pack, they will worry about it and buy a new bigger pack. Unlike backpackers, they are just not concerned only about essentials.


  • Backpackers: They are traveling in order to experience adventure. They are not bothered whether they are staying in a hostel or just camping around.
  • Glampackers: They are not ready to sacrifice comfort because of traveling. They don’t mind spending on high profile hotels in order to get a good night sleep. They generally go for boutique hotels.

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  • Backpackers: They are just not bothered about picking souvenirs for their loved ones as they are on a tight budget. They won’t spend time on souvenir shopping and rather go for camping.
  • Glampackers: They try to get things wherever they go that includes souvenirs. They don’t care about the money just want to carry memento at home and for others.


  • Backpackers: They enjoy a good meal but they don’t want to spend their money only after it. They would help out in a restaurant for a free meal or have dinner with a local family.
  • Glampackers: They want to experience as much as possible. So, they try to spend their money on swanky hotels as they get an assurance of a good meal.

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How to Make Journey Perfect with Right Travel Insurance?

For the general public, travel insurance is the last thing on the mind when planning for a trip. As people think it involves a lot of paraphernalia in form paperwork, choosing and trusting of the insurance company or sometimes people feel there is no need for travel insurance. But people should understand that travel insurance is a brilliant back-up plan when travel holidays go wrong. In this blog, we will understand how to make a perfect choice in choosing travel insurance. Further to enjoy a wonderful vacation, make a reservation with Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy your vacation like never before.

Check-list for choosing right travel insurance

 In this blog, we will understand the points which have to be kept in mind while choosing the right insurance.


  1. Medical Insurance: If for some reason you fall ill during your vacation, the medical insurance will cover all the cost of treatment by the doctor overseas. If the doctor advises you are too sick to continue your trip the insurer can organize a way to get you home.
  2. Evacuation Insurance: In the case of an emergency evacuation, the traveler can be airlifted to a nearby hospital or flown back home. In cases where there is a serious accident in a country where there isn’t any proper healthcare system, emergency evacuation insurance will pay the money to fly home
  3. Taking care of travel: Travel protection helps to reimburse the cost of the trip if for some reason you have to cancel your trip. The travel protection helps to get the money back from the booked flights and other reservations that have been made in advance. To make your journey memorable, take flight with Delta Airlines Flights and enjoy your destination more than ever.
  4. Protection of Bag and Baggage: This type of insurance covers loss or damaged luggage in your flight. The baggage can be insured if you are carrying laptops or camera equipment, as it is very expensive.

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Visit Stunning Attractions in Canberra with Delta Airlines Flights

Canberra is a perfect destination to escape from your monotonous life as it is known for its Museums, monuments and spirited festivals. Get best offers and seasonal discounts on Delta Airlines Official Site for the best packages. Since it is the best place to execute your travel plans, here we list a few stunning attractions of Canberra.


 Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial is a national memorial built during WWII. The memorial is a huge Byzantine building which has a gallery, library and a museum. The entrance of the building has names of Australian martyrs inscribed in bronze which people find distressing but it is a pure gem for Australian history and culture.

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is the largest Art Museum of Australia and the best site for an art enthusiast. It is built on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin that contains eleven galleries and collection of Australian arts, Paintings, pottery, illustrations and many more. This should definitely be on your bucket list during your visit to Canberra and also book Delta Airlines Reservations that promise to offer you easy and smooth traveling.

National Gallery of Australia

National Botanic Garden

Getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city you can find relaxation in the arms of nature. The garden of everything from botanical learning to collection of plantation and flowers. The diversity of Australian plants has contributed to the culture and an apt place for a walk or family picnic. Delta Airlines Deals are providing huge discounts on such family tours so go and try them out right away.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

National Gallery of Australia

The museum is in the provision of Old Parliament House and has a historical significance with the beautiful classic building. In the museum, you will get to know about Australian history, the prime minister’s office, and press room and inside the museum furnished with the portraits and beautiful furniture.

These are among the best attractions of Canberra which you will certainly love to visit while you’re at this beautiful destination. So, why to wait anymore? Just fly with Delta Airlines Flights and have an exciting journey.

4 Affordable Winter Destinations for 2019

With winter around the corner where it’s no longer magical or festive, roll on your bags, start packing your stuff and get ready for a winter break. How should you plan a budget-friendly getaway and where should you go? Keep an eye on cheap flights and check in regularly to find amazing last-minute deals can set off to find your own affordable winter getaway. With that information in your back pocket, you can take advantage of Delta Airlines Deals this winter. Traveling is fun and the process of booking travel can be more exciting and rewarding when you chose to fly with Delta Airlines Flights. Let our travel experts do the legwork for you and round up a number of local and international sports that are affordable.

Here Are 4 Affordable Winter Destinations That will Tide you over till spring.

Nashville, North Carolina


Nashville is a perfect getaway for those who need inspiration from a combination of sprawling nature and urban settings. You’ll need more than a weekend to experience Asheville’s mild winter weather from Brisk waterfall hikes, cozy mountain cabins to a sizzling city arts scene, Nashville makes for one of the best vacation spots in the U.S.

Vancouver, Canada

Winter is Vancouver’s undiscovered season. Take in stunning long-range views on winter hikes, spend some time mountainside, visit the breathtaking Capilano suspension bridge and get in a scenic bike ride through the city’s revered Stanley Park. Dine at the best Vancouver restaurants with fewer crowds, and enjoy the best rates of the year with last-minute travel deals when you chose to make an initial reservation with Delta Airlines Reservations.

Tokyo, Japan

The city is Bejewelled with millions and millions of tiny bright lights during winter. Winter in Tokyo is something different. Book cheap flight tickets for Tokyo with Delta Airlines and take the opportunity to enjoy crisp chilly air, clear blue skies and be a part of all the snowy celebrated festivals. With the plum blossom in full bloom, Mount Fuji is especially stunning during this time of the year.


New York
With temperatures lowering, heading indoors enter the romantic getaway. Whether your fling is fresh off the ground or you’ve been together for 30 years, there’s no better time than winter to head out of town in New York City for a perfect, luxurious winter weekend away. Book a room in the historic and lovely Bear Mountain Inn or if the weather holds, stroll through Montauk Point State Park or up its lighthouse for some gorgeous views of the bay, ocean, and local wildlife.

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